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Google Analytics 添加自定义社交媒体

从网上找了很多资料来实现 自定义社交媒体名称,没有找到合适的方法,具体的参考文档请见以下URL


The following resources will help you syndicate your Activity Stream to the Google Analytics social data hub.

  • Overview—Information about the social data hub and the basics of Activity Streams and the PubSubHubbub protocol.
  • Getting Started—The Getting Started section describes the required Activity Stream format you’ll need to follow and how to deliver new activities via the PubSubHubbub protocol.
  • Sign Up— The form is used to collect your company and contact details and to verify that you’ve met all of the requirements.

社会数据中心 - 注册


  • 检查的资格要求,并确认你合法拥有的和/或可共享的社会数据,你打算发送到谷歌。
  • 审查和遵守活动流的要求,
  • 审查和了解如何提供您的活动通过PSHB流。


Activity Stream Requirements

The social data hub expects an Atom/RSS Activity Stream feed of global activities from your social network/platform.

The following information must be present within every Activity Stream update:

  • Actor
    • username or screen name
    • display name: full name of user, if available
    • author profile URL, if available
    • author profile photo URL, if available
  • Object
    • update text: text or (x)html with the actual content of the update
    • permalink: url that uniquely identifies the update
  • Verb: type of event (post, favorite, comment, etc)
  • Publication date: date when update was created
  • Provider: name of your network
  • Other meta-data such as geo location, or follower counts

Example Activity Stream feed:





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